Easy as 1, 2, 3

Clip Lookalu onto your phone or device

It fits all phones, devices, and cases and doesn't scratch your screen.

Rattle Lookalu so your baby looks up

The loud built-in rattle and bright, happy expression will quickly get your baby's attention.

Focus your camera and take your shot

Now that your little one is looking up, go get that insta worthy shot!

What parents are saying

Lu and Ty were best friends after a couple days. It's easy to use and makes the process more playful.

– Ty's Dad

Wow it really works! Lu caught his attention right away, and we got some really good shots.

– Rudy's Mom

Why it works

Lookalu was designed with one purpose - to engage your little one. Lookalu is small and portable, fits any device and case, has a loud rattle to get your little one's attention, and works well for selfies and video chats. It's great for babies of all ages and makes for a perfect gift.

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Meet Lu

Say hi to your baby's (and your) new best friend. Lu is forever happy and always ready to bring a smile to your little one's face.

Get a Smile, Give a Smile

Each Lookalu purchased helps support cleft treatment for a child in need through our giving partner, Smile Train.

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